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(le journal)

Dannik, yo
12 March
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Dannik: My family made up my name, by mixing Yanick and Dannika. The result, a pronounciation's disater.


I was born where I now live, as I have never moved. I went to Henry Larsen ES from jk-gr8, then Gloucester HS, now U of O for music. My pee is David, my em Louise. I live with her and love her to death.

My favourite things are sex, drugs, and rock & roll! ...but mostly just rock & roll / music in genral.

I like basically everything, with a few exceptions: mayonaise, drug-user-haters when it is solely because they use drugs, suicidal acts and not impulses, racism, and really hairy women. I love people like you, cats, love, and anything musical. I sing in choirs and play sax in band, and these are my favourtie things. I also love the clarinet and percussion percussion! Some would call me enthusiastic.